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Manufacturing Cover Letter

Maxine Leon

449 Burwell Heights Road

Houston, TX 77063


Dec 14, 2010

Mr. Junior Lawless


3588 Oakridge Farm Lane

Milwaukee, WI 53202

Dear Mr. Lawless,

I am interested in applying for the Manufacturing employee position that I found on your website. I know I would make an excellent choice for this position, and have included my cover letter and resume for your attention.

All my life I have loved working with machines and technical gadgets. This is why I went to school for a Manufacturing degree from Syracuse University, and why I built a 10 years career out of this love for Manufacturing processes and products. For the past 10 years, I have worked at two manufacturing plants, first as a Manufacturing Line Worker for four years, and then as a Supervisor at both plants. I am highly technical, accurate, and work fast in a team oriented environment.

Thanks so much for your time today, and I would love to schedule a meeting if possible. Please take review this cover letter and the included resume, and then give me a call.


Maxine Leon