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Real Estate Cover Letter

Ruth Coy

4296 Chestnut Street

Clearwater, FL 34623


Sep 16, 2010

Mrs. Shay Bluhm

DeLisle Real Estate Company

3666 George Avenue

Jackson, AL 36545

Dear Mrs. Bluhm,

My experience in the Real Estate industry is extensive, as I have held a number of significant positions; and I know I would bring great benefit to your firm, if given the opportunity. For this reason, I have attached my resume with this cover letter.

Briefly, I began my work as a Real Estate professional after I graduated from Drexel University with a degree in Business. I worked as an Administrative Assistant at Gloria Nilson Real Estate, and this is where my interest began for the industry. I, then, went onto achieve a Real Estate Agent license from George Fox University, after three years in the Administrative Assistant position. I have been a Real Estate Agent for the past 10 years with this firm, and know the market like no one else. I am in the process of moving to your area; however, and am in the market for a new position. Your firm would be perfect for my successful track record.

Thanks so much for your attention today.


Ruth Coy