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Sales Executive Cover Letter

Shawna Taylor

35 Viking Drive

Centerville, OH 43713


Nov 23, 2010

Mr. Anthony Flores

Sinclair Broadcast Group

955 Austin Secret Lane

Minersville, UT 84752

Dear Mr. Flores,

My experience as a Sales Executive spans over four years at a reputable institution, and I answer all the educational and skills based needs of your recent advertisement for this Sales Executive position. Please see my enclosed resume with this cover letter.

I have been a talented Sales Executive for the past four years, as employed in this role for GE Technology Infrastructure. I have won a number of sales records awards, have an exemplary return customer list, and have expanded my territory due to these results. I am seeking your company as I have always wanted to work for the best, offering the best product. I also have a degree in Business from Dartmouth College, great negotiations skills, communications abilities, and a selling talent.

Would it be possible to meet in person soon? If so, please give me a call at 111-686-6247 to schedule a time. Thanks so much for your attention today. My attached resume is included with this cover letter.


Shawna Taylor