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Admissions Counselor Cover Letter

Bradley Evans

454 Holden Street

San Diego, CA 92121


Oct 13, 2010

Mr. Pat Matheny

University of Northern Colorado

2979 Allison Avenue

Norfolk, VA 23502

Dear Mr. Matheny,

I write as I am an Admissions Counselor that meets all the requirements of your recent advertisement at University of Northern Colorado. I have created this cover letter and included my resume for your immediate attention.

Over the last eight years that I have been employed as an Admissions Counselor at Columbia University, I have gained much experience in admissions, criteria for applying, communications with students and parents, admissions applications and forms, as well as financial options and payment. I value myself as a highly efficient and resourceful Admissions Counselor who works with students eager to learn at our college. I make the process of admissions as simple as possible to understand, and bridge the gap between anxious students and complicated forms. I am patience, have great interpersonal skills, and have a B.S. in Education Administration.

Thank you for your time today. I will call next week to follow up, and see if we might schedule a time to meet in person. Thanks so much.


Bradley Evans