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Business Analyst Cover Letter

Mary Hampton

3171 Jett Lane

Rancho Dominguez, CA 90220


Nov 30, 2010

Mr. Randy Prentice

SunPower Corporation

3556 Chenoweth Drive

Huntland, TN 37345

Dear Mr. Prentice,

I am submitting the enclosed resume along with this cover letter for consideration in regards to your Business Analyst position. I found this exciting Business Analyst position in the Chicago Tribune last week, and just know that I am a great match for this position as you will soon learn from this cover letter and enclosed resume.

I have much experience to offer this position at GE Capital, and have been employed for the past six years in the same position at JPMorgan Chase. During this time, I have had a number of responsibilities that have significant value to include: commandeering various project management of creative teams, analyzing business trends, reviewing and optimizing marketing plans, and organizing the best approach for small and large sale profitability projects. I also have a M.B.A. in Business from Catholic University of America.

If you would like to hear more about the information listed in my cover letter and resume, please call me at 333-764-1791 as soon as possible.


Mary Hampton