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Bank Teller Cover Letter

Bula Bhatia

3244 Cost Avenue

Frederick, MD 21701


Nov 25, 2010

Mr. Jacob Mays

M&T Bank

2564 University Street

Seattle, WA 98109

Dear Mr. Mays,

If you are seeking a Bank Teller that has experience working in both a banking establishment, as well as a credit union; you have found your match. I have a lot to offer your advertised position that I located on, and have included my resume along with this cover letter.

There are a number of variables to my career that would be of particular interest to your company and the needs of your Bank Teller position. To start, I have been working as a Bank Teller for the past six years-for the first two years at TCF Bank, and the last four, at PNC Bank. In these roles, I have gained experience in handling transactions for customers, communicating with clients, coordinating staff services with departments, and up selling on bank products. I also have a degree in Finance from Carnegie Mellon University.

To learn more, give me a call at 333-418-2632. Thanks for your review of this cover letter and resume.


Bula Bhatia